If encountering connectivity issues, and rebooting the Gateway does not help, please follow these steps to reset the LTE module in the Gateway:

  1. With a device connected to the Gateway (over WiFi or ethernet), launch a web browser (Internet explorer, Firefox, or Safari preferred) and go to
  2. Login to the admin panel with your router password (maybe different than your WiFi password).
  3. Once logged in, click on ‘MoFi Internal Modem‘ on the left sidebar menu
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the MoFi Internal Modem page and click on ‘Press here to Reset Sierra Module
  5. The Gateway will reboot twice and be offline for 2-3 minutes before it’s fully booted up and ready to use.

Please Note: Resetting the LTE module removes any Bandlocking configurations for the LTE modem. The modem can be re-configured to Bandlock once the Gateway is fully booted up and ready to use. However, we recommend confirming that normal connectivity is restored following the LTE module reset prior to applying any Bandlocking configurations again.

If normal connectivity has not been restored following the LTE module reset, please contact us to determine if adverse network conditions (outages, planned maintenance, etc.) are contributing to the connectivity issues.